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Boucher saves proteas as kirsten injured by bouncer | Daily Mail

'He's a player who has grown up with me,' said Boucher, whose family's real estate company is based near St. George's Park in London, near the training ground and ground where he is contracted to play next season. 'He's got to grow up. He's only 23, yet he doesn't know how to go about it. He's a young man who's been told that he can't make the squad. He's too young. When I look at the number of players coming up through England I don't think anyone in there is going to be as good as him. It's too young. The club need a change and they need a young player to come through and help them. They might have him for one year. That's if the manager wants him. They haven't had much chance yet.'

Boucher said he didn't have much interest in pursuing other opportunities at St. George's Park, which the club purchased last year for £5million. At 19, he isn't used to a new stadium and could lose his spot in that group by the time Arsenal face Chelsea in Sunday's FA Cup quarter-final. Boucher is sure his manager will make the right decision and admits that after all he has achieved in his short career he isn't prepared to put up a brave fight and risk looking "over-awed" by the media to prove that he is still playing at the highest level.

He insisted that the move to Arsenal last summer was the right move for him despite some reservations about some of the signings he and his family made to buy the club.

'There are a lot of questions now about my situation,' he said. 'If I had done it a little differently then it wouldn't have been necessary to do it. I'm happy where I am. I was a little frustrated last season but I've come through a tough time.'

Fulham's move to sign Vurnon Anita from Lyon has caught the attention of Arsenal

He knows, too, that Arsenal are desperate to sign another striker, with the need for another right-back as well as the need for an in-form central defender.

"This is a club that will chase as many players as possible – whether that be players like Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere or any number of them," he said. "I don't think I could have got myself a chance with Fulham if I didn't have the support of the manager. I know this will be a long fight for me and I want to show him that this is something I'm capable of and I can play there.

"I really like them now. They won't leave us hanging."
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Kayaker rescued by police after his leg got caught in rope at North Bridge Road

Two men were rescued after a skipper fell off his board in what is believed to have been a tragedy at the North Bridge Road ferry terminal.

The two men were pulled from the water by firefighters at 4.30pm in the Riverway complex about 15 minutes from where the accident took place.

Southport, where the tragedy took place, is currently undergoing a major reconstruction effort.

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